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Community Outreach

July News from the Community Outreach Committee

            The Missions Community Outreach Committee did not meet in June due to summer schedules. We are not planning on meeting again until August.  Summertime vacations are in full swing.

            We did receive a couple of thank you notes for donations made by the Church.  Abby’s House is incredibly grateful for our continued support.  Our donation helps to provide safe homes for women and their children.  The Church World Service also sent a note to thank us for the money sent for Father’s Day.  The money will be used to provide blankets for those in need.

            Even though summer has arrived, and schedules have changed, some things remain the same.  We would like to remind you that the food pantry still needs donations to feed many families in the community.  If you can provide any food for this good cause, please bring the goods to church.  There is a red shopping cart in the front of the church where the food can be placed. Donations may also be brought directly to St. Patrick’s Church.

            Is your recipe for Beef Wellington, Hot and Tangy Chili, or Goulash just collecting dust?  We know of some people that would be glad to have your latest food creations. The residents of Dismas Family Farm are always grateful for meals provided. The Committee would like to thank Leah Long, Grace Hatstat and Mary Hatstat for volunteering to provide the July meal to the Farm.  We are still looking for a few more volunteers to fill the month of September.  Please give this serious consideration this summer.  The members of the Missions Committee would be glad to deliver the meal for anyone that has concerns about delivering food to the farm.

            The Missions Community Outreach Committee is still looking for a few new Committee members. Have I mentioned this before??  We would welcome anyone interested in joining us.  The time commitment is minimal, and the reward is great. If you would like more information, please contact Lauren Carlson (508)849-9528, Lisa Benoit (508)472-4640, or Lori Giannotti (978)804-1142.

            The Committee would also like to remind everyone that if you or anyone you know needs help and support in any way, please feel free to contact the Church office or one of the members directly.  As always, all information is strictly confidential.

            May God bless you all and keep you safe through the summer.

            The Missions Community Outreach Committee


            Lauren Carlson, Lisa Benoit, and Lori Giannotti









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