Community Outreach


“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us and prosper for us the work of our hands-O prosper the work of our hands!”- Psalm 90:17



Happy New Year from the members of the Missions Community Outreach Committee.  We are certainly looking forward to serving the congregation and the community in the coming year.

The December Ingathering went very well. We not only served five families with food but also gave gifts to those families that have children. We sincerely thank everyone that donated to the Ingathering. As always, the ladies of the Sunshine Circle gave a much-appreciated monetary donation. All donations go a long way towards serving our community.

We received a beautiful note from a recipient of our Thanksgiving Ingathering, a portion of which says, “who knew that there were so many giving people in this world with everything going on in this world at this time”. These are the people that you serve, and they are very grateful.

The Missions committee also delivered food for Christmas for two families recently relocated from the Ukraine. We learned of these families and reached out to help in any way possible.

The Missions Committee brought an idea to the Church Council about an information box to be put outside the church. The box would hold information about our church as well as the organizations that we support. This is the perfect time for this box now that we have voted to become an Open and Affirming church. The box is being built by Lisa Benoit’s father, and we look forward to placing it by the sidewalk when it is finished.

There is no meal team for January for the Dismas Family Farm currently. We would sincerely like you to pray on this matter and see if you would be able to provide part of a meal for the Dismas residents. One of the Missions team would be more than happy to deliver it for you. Please call Lori Giannotti if you have any questions.

As 2022 ends and 2023 begins, it is a perfect time to evaluate how we can further help our church and community. Please let the committee know if you or anyone you know needs help in any way. We consider it an honor to reach out and serve the congregation and community. 

We pray that God which watch over each of you and bless you with a healthy, prosperous New Year.

The Missions Community Outreach Committee

Lauran Carlson  (508)849-9528

Lisa Benoit       (508)472-4640

Lori Giannotti    (978)804-1142